Welcome to Young Researchers Workshop - YRW

IAPS YRW will be held prior to the 24th IAPS conference in Lund and Alnarp, Sweden. The YRW will be held at the campus of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Alnarp from lunch the 26th of June to the afternoon the 27th of June 2016.

IAPS YRW invites PhD students of all IAPS-relevant disciplines and provides an opportunity to discuss research proposals and ongoing work with leading academics, while building networks with other PhD students in the field of people-environment studies.

Abstract and paper submission

Young researchers are invited to submit an abstract of their current or planned research work. Please note that the submission to the YRW does not exclude you from also submitting a different paper for the main conference.

Each student whose abstract (500 words) has been accepted will thereafter have to submit a full paper of 2 000 words.


The workshop procedure

Students will be divided into thematic groups, according to their research topics, and have senior researchers as mentors. It is also recommended that students in the same thematic group read each other’s submi