Guidelines for Full Papers 

Please provide a 2000 word paper (excluding reference list, in Times New Roman 11 pts, 1.5 spacing) of your in-progress research, following the guidelines below.

Submit your full paper using the e-mail address Please name your paper as: FP_First Name_Last name.

The deadline for paper submission is March 31th, 2016

Your paper should include the following information:

1. General information:

  • Name
  • Department, University
  • Email
  • Title of PhD program
  • Supervisor(s) name(s)

2. Thesis information (All information might not be relevant. Although it is useful to frame your whole PhD project, please focus on the specific questions you are facing at the moment):

  • Title of the proposed full paper
  • State of development of your PhD project: preparation, data collection, or preliminary analyses of the studies
  • Research problem and its novelty
  • Cultural and environmental context
  • Theoretical framework and relevant literature
  • Research aims, questions, hypotheses
  • Research strategy, samples/case(s) and methodology
  • Data collection and data analysis
  • Findings and their discussion (preliminary or advanced, where available)
  • Expected theoretical and policy contribution of your research studies.

3. Expected feedback:

Particular issues arising from your research (theoretical, methodological, data analysis, or other), which you would like to discuss or get help or support with during the workshop. 

IAPS YRW 2016 Committee

Cláudia Andrade, Clare Twigger-Ross, Märit Jansson, Karina Landeros, Anna-María Pálsdóttir, Giuseppe Carrus & Petra Schweizer-Ries