Thematic field trips

All tours will be guided by experts. Every tour will start Thursday, 30 June 2016, at. 2 pm and finish approximately at 4 pm. Please, use the IAPS 2016 Online-registration to sign up for one of the thematic field trips.

Urban outdoor spaces for children and youth

This tour will take you around the city of Malmö to show how play spaces have been remodeled and new types of play spaces introduced to children and youth.

You will visit a selection of schools, playgrounds and parks in this “The City of Parks”. Professionals from education, planning and research will tell about the implementation and evaluation of school ground greening and the experiences of having outdoor preschools housed in parks. A number of refurbished playgrounds popular with families will be shown along the way.


Urban green development in the city of Malmö

The city of Malmö has several innovative projects on social, ecological and economical sustainability with people’s health and daily life in focus.

This guided walk will take you to the Bo01 area, one of the milestones in the transformation of Malmö towards a sustainable city. The Bo01 area is an entirely new district next to the sea in the Western Harbour that in a couple of decades transformed itself from being an industrial park into becoming an area for knowledge and sustainable living.

You will learn more about the aims of the district and the solutions to minimise future transport needs and car dependency, to integrate nature and to create diversity in the built environment.

Guided city walk in Lund

This tour will take the interested participants to the most attractive situated points in central Lund. We have listed some not-to-be missed sights to visit during your trip in Lund.

Want to experience a walking tour with the city’s diverse architecture, dynamic history, rich culture, delightful finds, and fascinating gardens hidden between the city streets. Then join us on a tour of the center of Lund with a professional guide. During the walk you get to meet various personalities in a lighthearted blend where the middle ages and the present are interwoven.

Lund Cathedral is Swedens most visited church, with over 700 000 visitors and 85 000 persons who participate in a service each year. Consecrated in 1145 and ranked as one of Swedens foremost sights. Don’t miss The Cathedral Forum just south of the Cathedral.

Welcome to experience and explore Lund!

The Landscape Laboratory of Alnarp

The landscape laboratory at Alnarp took form at the campus in the late 80: s and is an area at the campus used to demonstrate and study the development of vegetation as a landscape element and in the making of different landscape characters. The experiential level of landscapes is one important motive for research in the laboratory, useful e. g. when robust nature like areas are to be implemented at school grounds and in other urban settings. It has also been used to set up music performances in collaboration with a college of fine arts.

All citizens of Malmö shall have the same conditions for good health on equal terms. To obtain this the city of Malmö works with social sustainable development thorough out the city, on the foundations of the Commission for Social Sustainability in Malmö, and it’s rapport to the city council in 2013 containing various proposals with measures.

On this tour you will learn more about the commission for social sustainability of Malmö and visit two urban areas which develop social sustainability in the city.

Lomma harbor is a former brownfield area turned into an attractive city part of Lomma close to the beach, harbor and city centre. The visit will give you an interesting view of the development process as well as the possibility to experience the Lomma harbor on site with focus on different aspects:

  • A brief overview of the planning and construction process to convert an old industrial site into a city part with modern dwellings with environmental features close to the sea.

  • The work with an attractive outdoor environments, climate smart transports and waste separation.

  • The description of practical forms for assessment, follow-ups, and development of the extension to continuously improve the performance and learn from the ongoing process.