Travelling to Lund


Danish airport

If you are flying to the Denmark, Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) is probably the easiest option. From here you can easily catch a train directly from the Airport to Malmö / Lund. Ticket purchase and information on the train schedule can be found at  Be sure to buy a single journey ticket, as return tickets are only valid on the same day!

The travel time on the train is around 20-40 mins from the Danish airport Kastrup to Lund. 

Malmö Airport

Only 25 km away from Lund is Sturup where Malmö Airport is located. You get to and from the airport by bus, the so called Flygbussar. 

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Public Transport - inner Lund and between Malmö and Lund

Malmö- Lund Trains will take you between the cities every 5-10 min. You can also choose to take the yellow (regional) buses (e.g. 171, 169), there are bus stops for those near LTH.

Lund Central Station (Lund C) – LTH Several green (city) buses will take you from the center of Lund (in front of central station) to the University campus of LTH – e.g. 1 (stop Tunavägen), and yellow buses (e.g. 169). They run every 5-10 min. The bus takes about 10 min.

Skånetrafiken operates with a cash-free system on city buses. This means you can only pay with a so called Jojo-Card (Skånetrafiken’s own customer card), a Text message ticket (which requires a Swedish mobile phone plan), a 24/72 hour ticket or a Single fare ticket that you can buy at Skånetrafiken Customer Service Centre or at the Tourist Office. On the yellow regional buses you can also pay with debit/credit card. Information on city buses, regional buses and Öresundståg, you will find at Skånetrafiken. Internet: 


Taxi stations; By the centralstation, Västra stationstorget Recommended companies Taxi Skåne Tel: +46 46 33 03 30 Web: 

 Dalby Taxi Tel: +46 46 20 30 50 Web: