Partner- and sponsorships

IAPS 24 continues a series of biennial conferences that began 35 years ago, but with intellectual roots dating back to the ‘60s in the architectural psychology movement, IAPS is a multidisciplinary and active association gathering researchers and practitioners from around the world, with a shared interest in people’s interaction with their environment. Psychology, sociology, geography, design, planning are only a few of the disciplines represented and for these and their representatives, IAPS serves both as a platform for disciplinary discussion, and as a platform for collaboration.

Become a partner or a sponsor of IAPS 24, 2016

At IAPS 24, meaningful connections between researchers and scientists across environmental psychological science and related disciplines will be made through various networking events, including, dinners, lunches, and coffee breaks. Through sponsorships IAPS 24 partners have opportunities to be part of these conversations, networking with researchers at all levels. There are many opportunities for you to be a part of the IAPS 24, 2016 conference.

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