Conference Film Exhibition

As a development of the photographic exhibitions of earlier IAPS conferences a new approach that takes advantage of modern everyday life technology will be introduced this time. All participants at the conference are welcome with contributions to a short-film exhibition that will run during the conference.


The theme “The human being at home, work and leisure - Sustainable use and development of indoor and outdoor spaces in late modern everyday life” can be interpreted broadly and imaginatively. Each of the participants of the conference attends with a special disciplinary perspective that you share through papers and discussions. Take the opportunity to contribute with a film that comments or interprets the theme of the conference from your perspective! You can make the film very easy with your mobile phone or if you would like to use more advanced devices.


Your film should be 30 seconds long. The film can be done in one take or be assembled from multiple clips or stills. Important: the film should end with 3-5 seconds written information on who is the creator/director of the film. Alternatively this information can be included in the film’s headline. The format should be mpeg-4 (common on mobile phones and ipads).

The film is to be uploaded to and is to be made accessible to the Public. Headline the film: IAPS_your film headline_your name and send your film’s vimeo- link (taken from the browser) to mail not later than 5th June 2016 to be part of the exhibition. Please be aware that all films using non-copyright-secured material (e.g. music) will not be made accessible by Questions regarding technical issues can be sent to


All entries will be exhibited on screens or projected on walls. The film committee takes the right to not to consider and include videos that may offend or are not relevant for the theme of the conference. All submitted films may be featured on the IAPS website after the conference. 


The most innovative and outstanding films will be awarded by the film exhibition committee for their artistic or documentary qualities in the way that these reflects the theme of the conference. 

The film exhibition committee is led by Karl Lövrie, Mads Farsø and Caroline Hägerhäll at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.